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softgarden Referral Manager

Employees refer Employees: reach more top candidates with personal recommendations

  • Simplifies the recommendation process for your employees to recommend job vacancies
  • Encourage employees to recommend people to apply for jobs by offering individual bonuses
  • Ready to use instantly — no training needed: just send an email to your team and you’re ready to start!

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Employees share your job ads on all channels or contact talented candidates directly on your behalf!

softgarden Referral Manager
Perfectly integrated into the softgarden Applicant Tracking System

softgarden Referral Manager:
Benefits at a glance

  • Get more recommendations thanks to standardised processes
  • Choice of bonuses for employees who refer successfully
  • Inform employees automatically about new job vacancies
  • Easy to use – can also be used on smartphones
  • Transparent reporting – which recommendations have led to appointments
Making recommendations is very easy
Making recommendations is very easy
Recommendation management with a system

This is how it works: more applications through your employees' networks - and more personal recommendations

More candidates – with the best recommendations

Find more high-calibre candidates through personal recommendation - with the softgarden Referral Manager

Targeted sharing by your employees

Increase the reach of your recruitment

It’s quite simple for employees to share your job ads on their personal and social networks with softgarden's Referral Manager – and at the same time to recommend you as an attractive employer.

Recommending job vacancies made easy for employees
Recommending jobs – simple, secure and transparent

Increased reach and targeted recommendations via your employees' personal networks

Recommending jobs personally


According to a softgarden study, direct recommendations by email have the highest success rate.



WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger

Contacts of your employees can be addressed via chat.


Personal link

With one click your employees generate a personal referral link for the vacancy and can pass it on via the channel of their choice.

Sharing vacancies in public Networks

Business networks (Xing and LinkedIn)

With just two clicks employees can post the job recommendation on public forums such as Xing and LinkedIn, and in doing so inform all the contacts in their professional networks about the job vacancy in question.


Social networks (Twitter and Facebook)

With the option of an individual post recommended jobs are made visible to friends and followers via the user’s Facebook timeline or on Twitter.

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