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Wider reach for your jobs - place job ads on the relevant job portals and make them visible to search engines

  • Seven free-of-charge job portals always available immediately
  • Post job ads using a simple shopping cart principle
  • More than 300 premium job portals bookable at discounted prices
  • One-to-one media consulting to create individual job ad postings which are focused on your target group

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Post on all the relevant job portals in a way that will appeal to your target group. Even as Google ads!

softgarden Media Consulting
More than 3,600 customers place their job ads through softgarden, including:
Der TagesspiegelDer Tagesspiegel
Wolff & MüllerWolff & Müller
Jaqueline Großmann
Jaqueline Großmann
Human Resources Manager
My contact persons engage with us and with our vacancies, always recommend the right job portals, and are genuinely interested in successfully filling our positions – they are friendly, on the ball and open to feedback. This makes it really enjoyable to work with them!
Bettina Zobel
Bettina Zobel
Secretary to Head of Sales, Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG
We publish up to 1,000 job ads every year for 19 different locations. Since the introduction of softgarden, I have saved a lot of time on these tasks. I'm more than satisfied.
Agneta Lulliees
Agneta Lulliees
HR Manager Germany, Dentos Europe LLP
The service at softgarden is absolutely professional and their communications with the person responsible for this area in our company are straightforward and extremely friendly. We particularly value the regular expert advice they give us and their flexibility.
Post job ads with softgarden's full-service provision

softgarden media consulting: all the benefits at a glance

  • Multiple posts – easy method of publishing job ads
  • Seven free-of-charge job portals in the shop
  • One-to-one media consultation
  • More than 300 premium job portals
  • Share job ads on social media
  • Reporting and monitoring success
  • Top conditions for job portals

Google Partner

softgarden is an official partner of Google
Post your jobs where candidates search first – on Google!


Improve reach for your job vacancies – with a system

This is how it works: Publish job ads on all the relevant channels with the softgarden media service and one-to-one media consultancy


300+ premium job portals

You will find the full range of job portals in our intuitively designed softgarden shop, where you can publish your vacancies at the best conditions with just a few clicks.

Simple booking and publication of job ads


Free-of-charge reach for your jobs on the web

By making use of our interface, softgarden customers can post jobs instantly and free of charge – on 7 job portals, on LinkedIn, Xing, in the softgarden Talent Network, on your career page and on your own social media channels.

Improve the reach of your job vacancies free of charge


One-to-one media advice from experts

On request, our experienced softgarden media experts can provide you with no obligation & free-of-charge advice on job ads and on the channels most suitable for reaching your target group.

Our experts can offer advice specific to your target group and across all channels