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softgarden Successful Recruiting softgarden Successful Recruiting
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softgarden Network Job Description

Use softgarden to place job advertisements which will simply lead you to the right candidates every time.

It is quite clear that nowadays you will get nowhere without digital, SEO optimised job advertisements. You can either use our module to compile your job advertisements yourself in your corporate identity or we will do it for you. The advertisement always includes the magic “Apply on-line” button which the applicant can use to contact you without any fuss. And we will then scrutinise the rest of your advertisement: from the perfect job title to the right key words and on to the optimal arrangement of the content – everything designed to make the right candidates prick up their ears.

Also: display your softgarden Application Experience Certificate for applicants to see. This will persuade the best candidates to send their application to you.

Recruitment Marketing for More Applicants

Candidates, too, benefit from softgarden. Once an application has been made to an employer who uses softgarden, it is easy to use the profile for other job applications. With a softgarden account, candidates can look for jobs advertised by softgarden clients, apply for them with a single click and track the status of each application. And all with a mobile phone, of course.

Christmas Special

Christmas Special

SME Special

SME Special

Pay One, Get Two

Mittelstand Spezial
softgarden Talent Pool

Invite suitable active applicants in the softgarden Talent Network directly for an interview.

Use our Talent Network to access thousands of candidates who are actively looking for a job. Thanks to the intelligent search filter you will have identified the right candidates in next to no time. For example, search by the job titles the candidate used in recent job searches and specify that only candidates are displayed who applied for jobs in the last two weeks. Guaranteed to put you on the right path. Ask them to come for an interview right away. Over 80% come for an interview.


Transform Your Web-Site Visitors into Applicants

A professional “Appointments Market” page on your web-site is now an essential part of e-recruitment. With the softgarden module it is quick and easy to configure your Appointments Market page. Change colours, upload your logo and very soon you are ready for every type of applicant, whether via his/her desk-top PC, lap-top, smartphone, Apple Watch or Google spectacles.

softgarden Career Site

Apply with Just One Click

Applying for jobs on-line no longer means filling in lengthy forms on web-sites. Applicants never wanted to do this. IN any case, most technical specialists and managers have already posted their CV on-line. That’s why we make it very easy for applicants to apply on-line with softgarden. Their CV is imported from business or recruitment networks with a single click. Done!
Apply With a Single Click

Application management for applicants is a big plus

We have developed the softgarden app so that applicants can manage all their applications in a single location and always know how their applications stand. Applicants can see the status of every application with this app. They therefore feel appreciated and not neglected.

softgarden candidate status softgarden candidate status


With softgarden you optimise your application management processes and therefore find the right staff faster

You and your colleagues from the HR and other departments can keep an eye on all applications and invite applicants to come for an interview with a click or decline their application after a specific time, and much more. You can use the chat function to discuss applicants with your team and assess individual capabilities relevant for the position.
softgarden Application Management

Improve your on-line reputation by sharing unsuitable applicant with other companies

You can also upload unsuitable applicants into the softgarden Talent Pool, thus combining a rejection for your applicants with a new opportunity. What you are doing is sharing applicants who are unsuitable for you with other companies who also use the softgarden Talent Pool. In spite of their lack of success in their application to your company, applicants will associate a positive application experience with you. This enhances your attraction as an employer as applicants are important multipliers for your on-line reputation.

share rejected candidates share rejected candidates

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