The career site as the main gate to your applicant tracking system

When we take a look at recruiting innovations such as social recruiting, mobile recruiting etc. some of us become dizzy. Every month there is a new recruiting innovation on the horizon with the mission to solve all recruiting problems at once. But the main question is still which information and communication channels do the candidates prefer!?!

The Talent Board and monster tried to find it out and asked over 11.000 candidates in the USA about their recruiting experience and preferences. With the outcome of the survey they awarded the best company with the candidate experience award. We love two things about this award which we want to highlight. First, there is finally an award which is focused on the candidates’ experience in recruiting and second these candidates obviously prefer the career site as their main information and communication tool.

It is obvious that we should adapt our recruiting strategy to the behaviour of the candidates, therefore the career website should be the backbone of your recruiting strategy. If you are not sure which way your candidates prefer, justu just use the report function of your applicant tracking software.

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