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How to Make your First Recruitment Video

Last week we posted an article on the Rise of the Recruitment Video including examples of some of the best videos on the Web plus some useful pointers on how to create your own. The examples we gave were predominantly made by large companies, and each recruitment video was very different in style, from formal … continue reading

Job Hoppers, Devils Spawn or Angels in Disguise?

Job hoppers; with the average tenure of our youngest workers predicted to average about 2.5 years employers are becoming increasingly irked with the prospect of a temperamental millennial workforce – a generation of employees that are not only hard to to employ in the first place, but difficult to keep for less than half the … continue reading

5 Steps to a Quick Hire

Generally speaking speed shouldn’t be one of the decisive factors in the process of recruiting. A quick hire might mean that you overlook the finer details of the hiring process but occasionally the need for speed is crucial. If an employee hands in their notice at last minute, it could leave you with as little … continue reading

The Rise of the Recruitment Video

Contrary to belief, recruitment videos aren’t one of the hottest new trends in the industry. In fact they’ve been around for over a half a decade, ever since Youtube exploded and some bright cookie put two and two together and made a corporate video. The initial trend led to interesting results such as Ernst & … continue reading

Time to kick employees out of the office

In a recent online video, Jennifer Walzer, founder of Backup My Info!, explains how her main priority concerning employees is making sure they maintain a healthy work-life balance. This involves kicking her employees out of the office, at 5.30pm (if they haven’t already left). Her reason, she says, is that happy employees perform well and … continue reading

And breathe… How to de-stress at the office

When you’re working 9-5 it’s easy to get caught up with incoming emails, deadlines and the ever growing pile of paper in your inbox, but getting stressed out about things doesn’t help. Taking 5 every now and then is important if you want to stay productive (and sane) so here are our top tips on … continue reading

Soft Skills Vs Hard Skills

Picture the scene: The kitchen pipe has burst, it’s leaking, you need a plumber asap and you have two options – plumber A is highly qualified with over 10 years experience, plumber B is an apprentice, they both cost the same and can come that day. Naturally, plumber A would be the safe bet, as … continue reading

Expert Post – Howard Mavity on Good Housekeeping

Whether I am auditing a facility and on site to defend against OSHA, labor and employment matters, housekeeping is quite literally the first thing that I consider… and in 30 years, I have yet to find an occasion that poor housekeeping did not translate to, or foreshadow a variety of cultural, leadership, and compliance problems. … continue reading

7 Steps to a Good Day at Work

We’ve all had days where heading to the office has felt like a chore. Those days are the ones where even an extra shot of espresso doesn’t make a difference, somehow you end up spending half the morning staring out of the window and come 6pm you’re rushing to provide something, anything, to show for … continue reading

Expert Q&A – Ronald Thomas

This week we caught up with Industry Expert Ronald Thomas to see what he had to say on the topic of employee engagement. In his previous Senior role at Martha Stewart Living, Ron developed a program to help employees take charge of their careers and essentially develop their own engagement by choosing the right path. … continue reading