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Social Recruiting – What You Need to Know before Taking the Plunge.

Dipping your toes into the pool of social recruiting for the first time can feel akin to stepping out of the sauna and into the plunge pool – it’s scary but it’s worth it! Thanks to a steady rise of social networking (and therefore social recruiting) it’s basically a given that you’re going to have … continue reading

Social Recruiting? Use this simple trick to get more exposure.

When was the last time you checked your watch before hitting post on a vacancy? If the answer’s never, read on (you’re not alone). Little known to some, timing is crucial to the exposure your post will receive (and I don’t mean the difference between posting at midday or midnight). Whether you’re social recruiting via … continue reading

What Everyone Should Know About Social Recruiting in 2014

Social recruiting was the buzzword for 2013; The year that recruiters worldwide began to truly discover the immense power of social networking and mobile technology for the first time. Everything from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest was poked with a stick to see what potential goodies would come falling out. As far as social … continue reading

How to Generate Employee Referrals And Find Top Talent

It’s no big secret that in business it’s all about who you know. Effective networking lies at the heart of every successful company and crucially, it lies at the heart of recruitment. Amongst the many and varied ways employers can source the top talent, employee referrals are rapidly becoming one of the most favoured tools … continue reading

5 Incredible Staff Perks That Save You Money

Being a small company doesn’t mean you need to scrimp when it comes to staff perks. You might not be able to offer your employees an in-house gym or childcare (e.g.Google) but there are plenty of affordable staff perks out there that work just as well. Just to clarify, by work we mean they actively … continue reading

How To Create a Positive Working Environment and Engage Your Staff

A positive working environment is one where your employees are not merely productive but engaged and happy; Happy to be at work, and proud of the work that they’re doing. If this sounds super idealistic, then the chances are your office could do with a little tweaking. Naturally everyone has days where they don’t necessarily … continue reading

Have You Used These Common Buzzwords On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Last month LinkedIn published their list of the Top 10 Most Used Buzzwords of 2013, the winner? “Responsible”   Yep, good ‘ol Responsible was crowned top of the buzzwords used by over 259 million members worldwide. Twice as much as second contender “Strategic” and beating last years winner “Creative” by miles. LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most … continue reading

Just Started Using Recruitment Software? Read This.

Making the transition to recruitment software is a superb way to merge the many aspects of your hiring process under one umbrella. Everything from job advertising to applicant tracking, interviews to talent pipelines can be brought together to function as one (very efficient) recruitment solution. As with any new system it can take a little … continue reading

What Everybody Ought to Know About Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]

I don’t know about you but I’ve heard my fair share of speculations and generalizations about Millennials over the last few years. Depending on who you talk to, our Gen Y demographic are either tech-savvy, ambitious go-getters or unmotivated, job-hopping, social media addicts. Since they’re entering our workforce in record numbers, it’s naturally turning into … continue reading

How to Boost your Employer Branding and Attract Top Talent

Since the age of advertising began, marketing has become integral to our society – whether we’re aware of it or not, the daily purchases we make are often a result of good branding. Imagine for example, making the choice between a supermarket own-brand product and it’s trademarked counterpart. Despite both being the same product, it’s … continue reading