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The Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Software

With an ever changing job market and an ever developing field of e-recruitment strategies, it’s not exactly easy to find and hire today’s top candidates. Particularly if you’re a small company hoping to compete for the industry’s much sought young professionals. Fortunately with a little help from technology the hiring process can become both easier … continue reading

Unsolicited Applications, Are You Making the Most of Them?

When it comes to finding your next employee it generally pays to be prepared. More often than not, the need for a new hire crops up when it’s least expected i.e. when a key employee decides to leave with a few weeks notice. However, a little foresight can make the difference between a long hard … continue reading

How Video Recruitment Can Save You Time and Money

Video Recruitment, are you using it as part of your hiring strategy? If not then you may well be missing out on one of the biggest time and money savers of 21st century recruitment. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the potential benefits of video recruitment and how you can effectively … continue reading

Do You Have an Online Application Process to Be Proud Of?

Earlier this year softgarden teamed up with Heilbronn University to undertake a survey which asked participants how they felt about the online recruiting process. The survey was carried out not only to find out how the participants felt about current application processes, but how we can improve the experience for them. After all, the system … continue reading

The recruiting revolution: softgarden enhanced by

With a new generation of confident young professionals entering the job market the stakes are high for employers looking to find and hire the best of the bunch. Today’s top talent expect the highest quality application processes and of course, we aim to deliver exactly that. softgarden have now teamed with multi channel posting specialists … continue reading

Social Recruiting Survey 2014 [Infographic]

Last week we published the first half of our 2014 Online Recruiting Survey which asked just over 1200 participants their opinions on E-recruiting. This week we’re revealing part two of our survey where we find out what candidates had to say about our favourite 2013 buzzword, social recruiting. As the most rapidly developing method of … continue reading

softgarden Online Recruiting Survey 2014 [Infographic]

Last month softgarden teamed up with Heilbronn University in Southern Germany to find out what people really think about online recruiting. The questionnaire, which was completed by just under 1200 participants, was given to online job applicants as well as the students at the university of Heilbronn. The results were mixed bag, when asked about … continue reading

The softgarden Online Application Process Wins Again!

We’re overjoyed to announce that the softgarden online application process has been rated first place by over 1,400 recent graduates! Following an APOLLO survey by online recruiting experts Potentialpark, our clients Fresenius were awarded first prize (for the second year in a row!) After comparing almost 150 companies, the candidates voted the Fresenius online application … continue reading

A Work-Life Balance, What Side Are You On?

These days a work life balance is considered pretty standard for many in the job industry. The term, which initially appeared in the 70’s, is nowadays highly regarded as a main job perk for most young professionals. First of all, thanks to the widespread use of technology and ever-more affordable gadgets it’s far easier for … continue reading

Did You Know These 10 Shocking Employee Engagements Facts? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Employee engagement is a subject we bandy about a lot here at softgarden HQ, primarily because it’s a topic close to our hearts – we’re one of those typical startups who appreciate free coffee and snacks to keep us happy at work. However, asides from the fact that we like to indulge in certain employee … continue reading