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How to Attract Talent to Your Small Company in 5 Steps

What happens when you want to hire top talent, without the bait that larger companies have on offer? Trying to chase professionals without the perks of your competitors can be tricky but it’s certainly not impossible. Today we’re going to take a look at the top 5 things any small business can offer to woo … continue reading

Employer Branding Statistics That You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Employer branding, we all know it’s vital but did you know that over half of today’s job seekers use during their job search? According to a survey by Software Advice  52% of  respondees admitted to using the site which, amongst other things, allows users to read anonymous reviews of companies written by current employees. … continue reading

Women & Work 2014 – Professional Opportunities in an Informal Atmosphere

On Saturday 24th of May 2014, the largest German trade fair for women, Women & Work, took place in Bonn for the fourth time. Around 100 top employers turned up to answer questions on the topic of women and careers and offered visitors an excellent opportunity to network and acquire new contacts. For women, it … continue reading

E-Recruiting – the Tools of the Trade

In today’s war for talent its more important than ever for companies to take initiative. Former employees would have applied directly to a company, these days the trend is heading in the reverse direction. The win over a generation of digital natives more creative solutions are needed, hence the use of e-recruiting. Unfortunately with so … continue reading

6 Little Known Uses of Social Media in HR

It’s no secret that social media is widely used in modern recruitment but it may mean we’re overlooking other areas of HR where it could be equally as beneficial. Researchers over at BLR examined how human resource professionals are using social media and discovered some interesting results, for example do you give your staff public … continue reading

How to Bring Your Career Portal into the 21st Century

In a recent report from Aberdeen Group, researcher Madeline Laurano highlights the surprising shift between career portal’s of the past and present. The report, titled ‘Is Your Career Portal Stuck in the 80s?’ examines how the economic shift has affected the recruitment industry and more specifically how modern career portals heavily contribute to modern talent … continue reading

What’s Better than Recruitment Software? Free Recruitment Software!

Contrary to belief sometimes you can get something for nothing. In this case, you get to use softgarden for nothing! We’re one of the few companies who offer free recruitment software, not least of all because we know the importance of trying before you buy. Experience the entire system, post as many jobs as you … continue reading

The Benefits of an Application Tracking System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thinking about using an application tracking system? Not all systems are the same but here at softgarden we aim to provide more than just an ATS. The benefits of using the softgarden application tracking system softgarden recruitment software takes care of everything from designing your job ads to social recruiting, building talent pools to in-house … continue reading

Does Your Career Site Show off Your Best Side?

A great career site is arguably one of the largest deciding factors for candidates who choose to apply to your company. Are you making the most of yours? Today we’re going to take a look at the top 4 features every career site ought to have, and how softgarden can help you achieve them. Links … continue reading

Onboarding, Are You Doing It Right? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Clever employers know that onboarding is vital in building staff retention, satisfaction and success. Are you doing it right? Take a look at this handy Infographic for onboarding tactics that’ll keep your employees happy and engaged. How Softgarden Can Help Your Onboarding The hiring process is of course only half of the battle, keeping your … continue reading