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Looking for a job at your company should be easy

Put yourself in a candidate’s position. You are looking for a job and are searching different websites for interesting vacancies. You find an exciting company and you click through the complicated criteria list. Very often you have to choose criteria which do not really suit you. At the end, you are get a message saying … continue reading

Recruiting Experience: It’s worth it to change perspectives

Although the “war for talents” is an ongoing topic in the human resource department, the topic of e-recruiting is still neglected. The authors of the current study “Recruiting Trends 2011” note that online application forms and applicant management systems can reduce processing time and cost per application. Employers that pay more attention to this aspect … continue reading

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is not a new buzzword, but it has also not yet been overused and that’s good. Because we still see tremendous potential to improve the candidate experience, this is one of the topics we deal with in our lab. Our experience has shown, and studies confirm, that the online application form is not … continue reading