Edit your job postings and candidates profiles


Flexible, adaptable: Customize your job posting as you wish – as you need it, when you need it!

Did you miss something in the job description? Things happen… We just released a softgarden update that now allows you to edit your job opening after you have posted it – main exception is the job title. Modify your requirements, correct mistakes or add information. With one click you can repost all of your changes to the job boards you additionally posted to (e.g., StepStone, Monster, etc.).

Update candidate applications and profiles

Your candidate applications/profiles are now updatable: Did the candidate forget some important information, or did you notice in the conversation something you thought should have been mentioned in the profile? Easy… edit your candidate info when want. Please note that e-mail addresses and candidate uploaded attachments cannot be changed.

Change, correct, optimize: Try out the increased flexibility of the job descriptions and the candidates profiles.

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