The only ATS that recycles great candidates

At softgarden, an application is never a dead end. And a potential hire is never lost. That’s where we are different. As a fully featured applicant tracking system, we offer top-level recruitment management with a twist: you get candidates right from the start from job seeker pool filled with great applicants. Those who came 2nd or 3rd when applying for a role at another company. An on-top feature that works both ways - you get a look at a full range of qualified people, and our applicants get interesting offers at a company they might not have considered before. Possible matches that make the difference.


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Generate better applications – and more of them

Our network does not forget about candidates that did not make it at other companies, but re-integrates them into the job board – more candidates that possibly match your role’s needs. In addition we promote your job offering online on the right jobboards.

Recruitment with more control – perfectly organized

We structure and simplify your recruitment process to qualify your applicant quicker and easier. This also increases the quality of your hiring.

Use the fast lane to the best candidates

We make it easier for HR managers to start conversations within their company to qualify applicants and gather feedback quicker and in depth.

  • Post Jobs
  • Manage applications
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Leverage feedback
  • ... and more

Chose the easy way to post jobs and get more applications

It’s hard enough to find the right candidate, at least posting your job offer got easy. You just write the job description; add some skills you would like to see in your candidate and we will do the rest. Your job offer will be published mobile friendly on certain job boards such as indeed, glassdoor mitula, joblift and more. On top, we spread the news about your job offers within our large softgarden network of job seekers.

More control, more options, more time for the right candidate

Always have full control over your entire recruitment process – in one place. Your applicants apply on softgarden’s simple and intuitive online application form. Our CV parsing then delivers you easy to compare resumes in a similar look from all candidates. The “click-reject” function within our rejection cart allows you to sort out unfitting resumes faster. We also offer a wide range of mail templates for rejection letters, document requests or scheduling interviews to give you more time to spent on the important part of your job: finding the right employee.

Get your hiring manager’s feedback in time

Time is essential to get the right candidate on board. That’s why softgarden provides you with tools to speed up the feedback process. Hiring managers can access the applicants online and offline on our hiring app for Android® and iOS® - and simply feedback through the integrated chat and candidate score card. Time saved to offer the contract to the right person before anyone else.

Improve your online reputation with applicant reviews

We all check reviews for restaurants, hotels, holidays and retailers. The same applies to employers today. To boost your online score, softgarden asks for structured feedback from every applicant you interviewed with. You are free to use this feedback to optimize your internal application process and learn about your company's performance. Also, you can market your feedback online with the softgarden’s certificate page or go live with your reviews on glassdoor – giving you the edge to competitors on the talent hunt.

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Your 1st choice might have been someone’s 2nd

Did you know that 7 out of 10 applications are unsuccessful? And that does not say anything about the quality of the candidates. Every one of these 7 might be a perfect fit to a company he or she does not know yet – or he or she is not aware you are even hiring. We at softgarden want to leverage that potential. Each unsuccessful applicant will be reviewed and becomes a part of our softgarden network. This is not only a candidate’s starting point to search for the right role, but also for companies to find their job’s perfect match.

When you as a company share your rejected applicants, you get access to a big number of candidates that did not get the job they applied for. A huge 20% of applications generated on the softgarden platform comes exactly from that network – it’s a great tool for and pool of job seekers.

Who is already using the benefit of our ATS

Nicola Gottschlig

reBuy reCommerce GmbH

"Since we introduced softgarden recruiting software the candidate experience improved tremendously."

Anja Flügge/Bastian Waltz

Hapag-Lloyd AG

"By opting for softgarden we chose a modern provider for application management software, which fulfills the requirements of a traditional company at the same time. The software allows our applicants to easily apply online, plus we can run our internal processes far more more efficiently."

Kristina Künzel

Avnet Technology Solutions GmbHl

„Using Softgarden we get much more qualified candidates. Thanks to the media consultant we know the right recruiting channels.”

On a mission to make the world for job seekers a bit better every day

We strive to create an extraordinary experience for job seekers by making online applications simple and fast. Our key to success is to keep candidates up-to-date regarding their application process and offer access to new job opportunities if they do not perfectly fit the job they applied for. This in return helps you and your company to attract the best talent and make your recruitment a competitive advantage.

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