Recruiting Software that
makes you smile

Want to win the war for talent? With our recruitment software you can.
Strengthen your employer branding, advertise your jobs on the right channels,
streamline your applicant tracking and easily make the right decisions.

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Application Process
& Corporate Brand

We asked more than 1,500 candidates how they
see the application process. 88 % said that the
application process experience affects their view
of the employer. Download the infographic
to find out more.


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Recruiting Software that
makes you smile

Want to win the war for talent? With our recruitment software you can.
Strengthen your employer branding, advertise your jobs on the right channels,
streamline your applicant tracking and easily make the right decisions.

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How softgarden’s recruitment software helps you hire. Post jobs, manage applicants and make the right choice.

Activate your free recruitment software with the click of a button – our web based recruiting software is ready to help you hire in minutes. Easily post jobs to your website and Facebook page as well as to hundreds of job boards. Allow candidates to apply online with the click of a button using their Linkedin or Xing profile. Once your applicants begin to roll in, you can easily screen and discuss candidates with your team and quickly come to the right decision.

free recruiting software

Let’s go recruiting.
6 steps to market your job vacancy online and attract the right candidates

Online Job Ad

Create your online job ad

softgarden’s recruitment software comes with a beautiful job ad layout ready for online application, even on mobile. It’s clean, content focused and candidates will fall over themselves to apply when they see it – we promise.

Job Lists

List jobs on your website & facebook

Embed your beautiful job listing widget into your corporate website and you can instantly receive applications from your site visitors. The same goes with your Facebook page, where you can easily convert your fans into promising candidates with the click of a button.

Job Boards

Post to job boards

Post your job to hundreds of online job boards with the click of a button, including free sites and those with costs. We offer great package deals for all the main job boards, so no worries – recruiting with softgarden will go easy on your budget.

recruiting with Friends

Ask your colleagues & friends

Often the best candidates come from personal referrals. With softgarden you can easily invite friends and colleagues to spread the word about your job vacancies.

Talent Community

Hire from your talent community

Get in touch with candidates on your website, via LinkedIn or a landing page with the click of a button. Thanks to our recruitment software, sharing a vacancy with your most promising candidates has never been easier.

Application Tracking

Easy online application

Our online application process is as simple as shopping on Amazon. Candidates can import their resume from LinkedIn or Xing in seconds, and apply to jobs in minutes with our easy online application form.

Choosing the right candidate.
It’s all about collaboration.

A great hire comes from a great pool of candidates, but how do you choose the right one? With softgarden’s recruiting software you can discuss candidates with colleagues in the same way you would a photo on Facebook. Everybody can rate the candidate and if you’re still not sure, you can send him or her for an online assessment to make a more informed decision..

recruitment ratings

Rate together

Your hiring team can give each candidate a rating from 1- 5 stars, with the average score shown next to the applicant’s profile. You’ll be surprised how different the opinions of your colleagues can be.

recruiting with science

Assess with science

softgarden’s web based recruitment software provides you with leading online assessment tests so you can make informed decisions, with the help of science.

recruiting comments

The Right Plan for Every Recruiting Volume.

No contracts or setup fees, pay monthly and cancel anytime. Plus we offer 20% off on any 1 year contract.

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    € 499 / monthly
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    € 799 / monthly
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Not sure what to choose?

Use our XXL plan free for 14 days with access to all features, you can pick the right plan for you later. No credit card needed.

*If you exceed your package 2 months in a row we’ll calculate a new one for the third month.
The new plan will be based on your maximum usage from the previous month.

Strengthen your employer branding
with a recruitment process that candidates will fall in love with. Your candidates will be your biggest fans, even before working at your company

recruiting process


Never lose track of an application. Our recruiting software makes sure every applicant receives feedback in an appropriate timeframe. Plus, our recruitment software will prompt you for action if there’s ever a delay.

pause recruitment


If you’re not sure about a candidate and need to wait before making a decision, just hit the pause button and our software will take care of the rest. Your candidates won’t feel ignored, and you’ll have a little more time to decide with confidence.

schedule interview

Schedule interview

softgarden allows you to easily schedule interviews between hiring managers and candidates. Appointments are synchronized with your choice of calendar system. Before the interview begins you’ll receive the candidate’s application via e-mail and afterwards softgarden reminds your hiring team to discuss and rate the candidate.

recruiting reminders


Stay on top of the process with smart reminders. Candidates will never be left waiting, you’ll stay up to date with the opinions of your hiring team and if there’s ever a backlog, automatic reminders will prompt you with your next steps.

recruitment transparency


softgarden will inform you if a candidate applied for another position at your company, including news on the subsequent outcome. The transparency will speed up your prescreening process, leaving you more time to choose the perfect candidate.

recruiting: easy compare

Easy compare

Successful recruiting is all about fast screening. Use the easy compare view to compare answers to your special questions and specific details from resumes. Rate two candidates side by side and come to a decision in minutes.